Pets, Pals, Paws, and Portie Puppies

Pier 7 Porties is a family effort to celebrate the wonderful breed of the Portuguese Water Dog with people who share the same interest. It is built around the love of all creatures and belief that every family should experience the love of a pet, even if allergies or other obstacles exist within the home. We believe this breed is one of the most loving, loyal, and dynamic breeds in the world. They have a great athletic ability, stamina, temperament, looks, and the brains to back it all up. We are so proud to be a part of the wonderful world of the PWD! We are a family whose hearts are filled by seeing happiness in others, and to be a part of that happiness is what keeps us going. We take pride in breeding the healthiest of the healthiest and prove that by offering lifetime health guarantees with each dog we place. Our plan is to always place each dog in a forever home it's entire life and we do not allow health to stand in the way or shorten that bond in any way. While we do participate in showing and raise many show quality dogs from champion bloodlines, our main focuses in our Portuguese Water Dog's are health, loyalty, and for our porties to provide the love to other families that they have provided for us. As a family of nurses, we continue to stay true to health and therapy as well and have placed many dogs to therapy homes and therapy programs for training over the last 9 years. It is a well known fact that these dogs are fulfilled with the feeling of working and helping others. It is important for all to stay true to any dogs roots and what makes them happy and thrive, while it may not be fishing it is a way for them to show they are needed and are capable of doing what needs to be done.  We would like to say thank you to all of our puppy families for loving and caring for our dogs and allowing us to continue to be able to travel this amazing journey with others who share a common interest.